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- Home Invasion - Terror Killing - Hate Crime ! -


Joshua Rudolph

Joshua Rudolph - Age 19


- Clinton, Missouri: Black Male Kills White Man -


- Total Local and National Media Blackout ! -



The Teenaged Killer - Joshua Rudolph


On Tuesday, December 13, 2005, in Clinton, Missouri, a small town of about 9,300 people, which is located about 60 miles southeast of Kansas City, Missouri, Joshua Rudolph, 19, murdered Damon Womble, 25, in cold blood. Damon had just bought a house and he was in the process of moving in; he was still unpacking his things Tuesday afternoon, when he heard a knock at the door. Police said an armed man wearing a ski mask forced his way into the house and demanded money.


Damon tried to grab the gun and was shot and killed. Rudolph then stole a small hand-held video game - he got no money and nothing else. Rudolph, who lives on the same block as Damon Womble, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. White people make up 95.5% of the population of Clinton, MO, whereas Blacks are only 1.77%. This means that there are only about 165 Blacks in this small town. Clinton is the county seat of Henry County, Missouri.




- Killed in his own Home by a Terrorist -

Damon Womble

Damon Womble - Age 25



The Victim - Damon Womble

We don't know very much about Damon Womble, because there has been, amazingly, only one local article and, of course, no national-media articles, published about this terrorist "hate crime" committed by a Black male against a White man.

But we do know something about the thoughts of his parents right after he was killed. Below are some quotes from the cited article:

The victim's parents are wondering why it happened. "It's going to take a long time for me to heal the loss of my son," said Nick Womble, Damon's father. Despite their grief, Damon's parents said they aren't ready to condemn the suspect. "It's nobody's fault. It's a reality of what happened," said Delliah Womble, Damon's mother. "There is forgiveness that needs to come with the healing from this," Nick Womble said. The Wombles said faith is getting them through this difficult time. They believe Damon is in a better place. "Because we know this isn't all there is to life, there is eternal life," Nick Womble said. "I honestly feel before it's over, something is going to happen, something great is going to happen from this," Delliah Womble said.





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Talk about an establishment news media blackout - this one takes the cake. There has been only one local article published about this murder. Thanks to KMBC-TV, Channel 9, in Kansas City, Missouri, the outside world is now informed about this murder. Luckily, someone from the Kansas City area posted this story to the White rights' organization newnation.org which is where I found out about it. The posting in newnation.org will provide not only national, but also world-wide coverage. We can only hope that the entire nation, as well as the whole world, becomes aware of the fact that the honest, hard-working citizens of America are living in a state of terror, which means that any one of us could become a victim of terrorism right here in our own country, at the hands of our own fellow citizens. Because of the almost total lack of coverage, we have very little information about Damon Womble, and we don't know anything about the background of the suspect, Joshua Rudolph. But from what we know of the incident and Damon's parents' reaction to it, and, if we compare this case with other cases across the country, and also with other cases that have occurred in this region, we can draw some conclusions.


First of all, let's take a look at this case: What kind of a homicide was this? The prosecuting attorney of Henry Country has charged Rudolph with second-degree murder; there was no explanation as to how they decided on a charge of second and not first-degree murder. I think that the charge should unquestionably be first-degree murder based on several aggravating factors. First of all, the murder was committed during a robbery, which is a felony, and felony-murder is always considered to be murder in the first degree. Additionally, the prosecution has to take into consideration that this was a "home invasion" - murder committed during a home invasion is also considered to be first-degree murder, since home invasion is a felony and, to repeat, murder committed during a felony is first-degree murder. To sum up: we have at least a triple felony, murder, home invasion and robbery, but still, the prosecutor has handed down a charge of second-degree murder. I should think that the public is deserving of an explanation.


I refer the reader to the United States Code, Title 18 - Crimes and Criminal Procedure, Part 1 - Crimes, Chapter 51 - Homicide: Section 1111. Murder

[Author: The bold type is by me.]

(a) Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought. Every murder perpetrated by poison, lying in wait, or any other kind of willful, deliberate, malicious, and premeditated killing; or committed in the perpetration of, or attempt to perpetrate, any arson, escape, murder, kidnapping, treason, espionage, sabotage, aggravated sexual abuse or sexual abuse, burglary, or robbery; or perpetrated from a premeditated design unlawfully and maliciously to effect the death of any human being other than him who is killed, is murder in the first degree. Any other murder is murder in the second degree. (b) Within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States, Whoever is guilty of murder in the first degree shall be punished by death or by imprisonment for life; Whoever is guilty of murder in the second degree, shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life.

The United States Code clearly states that every murder committed during a robbery is murder in the first degree and shall be punished by death or by imprisonment for life. Just for the record, the State of Missouri does have capital punishment. The decision made by the office of the prosecutor to charge Joshua Rudolph with second-degree murder was clearly wrong. Chief prosecutors are elected at the county or city level and they are public servants. There is no question, but that the Henry County prosecuting attorney, Richard M. Shields, who presides over the city of Clinton, Missouri, should be taken to task by the public for what appears to be malfeasance of office. We need to get some answers. We would like to ask all of the members of this website to please contact the office of the prosecuting attorney for Henry County, Missouri, which is located in Clinton, the county seat. The phone numbers and fax numbers are listed below, as well as two email addresses for the office manager in charge of felonies, Beth Wilson, and the assistant prosecuting attorney, Melanie Weaver. Ask for the prosecuting attorney's reasons for charging Joshua Rudolph with second-degree and not first-degree murder. Also ask why this crime was not classified as a "hate crime."


It would be a plus if someone from the state of Missouri could contact the prosecutor's office, but, actually, Black terrorism is a nation-wide problem, and every citizen of the United States of America has the right to an explanation of this prosecutor's decision. Please let us here at this website know what their response is. We have got to do something to hold those in our criminal justice system responsible. If this had been a Black killed by a White, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be demonstrating in front of the Henry County Courthouse, demanding that the assailant be charged with a "hate crime," and that the charge be changed to first-degree murder. And, of course, there would be total national news media coverage. Let's let this prosecutor, Richard M. Shields, know, that it is a matter of great concern to us when a White man is murdered in an act of terror.


Prosecuting Attorney

Richard M. Shields


The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney for Henry County, Missouri


Richard M. Shields


Prosecuting Attorney


(660) 885-7221


Fax (660) 885-2027


E-Mail  Not made public

Melanie Weaver


Assistant Prosecuting Attorney


(660) 885-7223


Fax (660) 885-2027


E-Mail melaniew@tacnet.missouri.org

Beth Wilson


(Office Manager / Felonies) Chief Deputy Clerk


(660) 885-7221


FAX (660) 885-2027


E-Mail bawilson@socket.net


The prosecutor's office knows good and well that to charge the assailant with second-degree murder eliminates the possibility of capital punishment and it would also likely limit the sentence to 25 years and make the assailant eligible for parole, with good behavior, after 15 years . This would mean that Joshua Rudolph could be back on the streets again at age 34. We do not consider this to be justice; Rudolph killed a young man in cold-blood during a home invasion and robbery. Additionally, this was not only an act of terror, but also a "hate crime," which I shall explain below. What kind of justice is that?! This is shaping up to be an absolute travesty of justice.


It seems clear that the prosecuting attorney wants to downplay this killing as much as possible. He may well want to placate the Black community, not just in the town of Clinton, and in Henry County, but also across the whole state of Missouri. What could Mr. Shields' motivation for this be? Mr. Shields is well-educated, he is 45 years old and he is good-looking. He is very capable and well-liked, not just in Henry County, but also across the state of Missouri. This could well mean that Richard Shields is contemplating running for state-wide office, and he, therefore, does not want to alienate the Black community. We cannot accept this mixture of politics with the criminal justice system. If Mr. Shields cannot fulfill the requirements of his office, which are to see to it that the laws of this country are carried out, then he should resign and pursue a political career - if those are indeed his aspirations.


Furthermore, the facts indicate that this was a "hate crime," because the suspect lived on the same street as the victim and knew that a young White man had just moved into this house. He knew that Damon Womble had a job and that he had money. It was for these reasons that he forced his way into Damon's home and demanded money. This is similar to what happened in the Eric Mansfield case (story posted on this website): the killers selected Mansfield because he was a well-dressed White man driving a clean car, and he looked like he had money.


Just what are the parameters to qualify a crime as a hate crime? Surely, the Mansfield and the Womble murders must qualify as hate crimes. When the U.S. Congress enacted the hate crimes' statute in 1992, their objective and hope was to be able to prosecute Whites for hate crimes against the "protected minorities and protected lifestyles (e.g., homosexuals and lesbians)," but, much to their disappointment, White people are not committing hate crimes. We believe that it is the Blacks and Hispanics who are committing the hate crimes, and they are committing these hate crimes primarily against White people.  But the U.S. and state attorneys general, as well as district attorneys and county prosecutors, are extremely reluctant to prosecute non-Whites for hate crimes, and we think that this is because they do not want to rub the Blacks the wrong way lest the Blacks become agitated and decide to riot.


In other words, they are refusing to label these crimes as hate crimes, because they are afraid of the reaction of the Black community. Our elected officials, in refusing to recognize reality, are, in effect, either out-and-out deceiving us, or they are in a state of "denial," concerning the commission of hate crimes by Blacks and Hispanics against Whites, and they are hoping that the White public does not recognize what they are doing, and, furthermore, even if we do recognize what they are doing, that we keep our mouths shut. But, either way, whether it is deception or denial, we cannot let them get away with it. Both deception and denial have to be considered to be malfeasance of office - deception is illegal, and denial would indicate that they are not mentally competent. In either case, the only course of action is to ask them to do the right thing and resign from office, or we, the people, will have to impeach them or vote them out.


There must be some kind of a tacit understanding between city and county prosecutors and elected officials, to the effect that Blacks and Hispanics cannot be charged with hate crimes, perhaps because there would be so many of them. The elected officials want to avoid problems with the Black and Hispanic communities, because they are concerned about losing their votes. The result is the usual double standard: Whites get their feet held to the fire and Blacks are coddled. It should also be added that the U.S. Congress back in 1992 evidently did not anticipate that Black males would increase their selective murder of White people. And they also did not anticipate that we, the people of America, would demand that prosecutors charge Blacks with a hate crime when they commit a hate crime. We cannot allow them to prosecute and adjudicate in accordance with a double standard. And, by the way, an "enhanced sentence," as the establishment verbiage has it, would qualify the suspect in this case unquestionably for a charge of first-degree murder, requiring a sentence of capital punishment or life in prison without parole. In my eyes, the combination of all of the aforementioned circumstances are more than ample cause for a charge of first-degree murder.


And we don't want to hear placating statements describing this killing as "just an isolated incident" or "just a random murder." As stated above, the killer premeditatedly picked out a young White man, because he figured that this young White man had money. This demonstrates that this was not a random murder - Damon Womble was selected for a home invasion and for a robbery, which ended in murder. And, this murder qualifies as an "act of terror," because, by definition, a "home invasion" is an act of terror. To force your way into someone's home, wearing a ski mask, brandishing a handgun and demanding money, is an act of terror. If this is not terror, then what in God's name is? This was not only an "act of terror," it was an "act of domestic terrorism;" I shall elaborate on this charge in a later message.


It must be stated that just as a random killing like that of Eric Mansfield is a hate crime and an act of terrorism, a premeditated "home invasion," which specifically singles out a young White man, who is known to have money, is also a "hate crime" and an act of terrorism. The difference is that Mansfield was selected at random, on the street, on the spur of the moment, whereas Damon Womble was quite evidently not selected on the spur of the moment - Joshua Rudolph had time to observe him moving into his new home. The Mansfield murder was a "random selection" of a White man who looked like he had money, and the Womble murder was the "premeditated selection" of a White man who looked like he had money. These two murders represent two variations of a hate crime by Black males against White men. And, they also both qualify. not only as acts of terror, but also as acts of domestic terrorism.


Since the reporting of this crime has been practically non-existent, one has to deduce and conjecture how it was that Joshua Rudolph came to select Damon Womble as a victim. It is reasonable to presume that Rudolph observed Damon moving into his new home, since they both lived on the same street. It is also likely that Rudolph either drove or walked by Damon's house and observed Damon at close range. Furthermore, it is not unlikely that Rudolph walked by Damon's house while Damon was unloading things from a truck or car, and that Rudolph easily could have engaged Damon in conversation. It is possible that he asked Damon if he needed any help carrying things. It is even possible that Rudolph did help Damon carry some things into the house, or that he helped carry a heavy object such as a refrigerator, washer, or some furniture into the house.


Judging from Damon's parents' personalities (see quote above and comments below), presuming that Damon was raised by them, Damon may well also have been a very trusting, charitable and unsuspecting person. Joshua Rudolph would have immediately sensed this - like an animal in the wilds senses which of the potential prey is the weakest. To complete this scenario, Rudolph then went home and plotted the subsequent home invasion and robbery. Rudolph more than likely only wanted to rob Damon, having marked him as an easy target. But when Damon unexpectedly resisted, he spontaneously shot and killed him. Nevertheless, home invasion and robbery are felonies, Rudolph did shoot and kill Damon Womble! - therefore, the charge must be murder in the first degree.


When it comes to serious crime in this region, a pattern is developing involving several different factors: one of the factors is that trusting, unsuspecting, inexperienced, (for the most part) young White people are being killed by aggressive, impulsive, young Black males; another factor is that this type of crime is occurring in the same general region of the country. Although the Wichita Massacre took place five years ago, just within the past month we have had two more terrorist murders in this region. These killings are taking place on the fringe of the Bible Belt. The Bible Belt covers all of the southern states as well as most of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma, and the northeast corner of Texas. The Wichita, Osborn, and Womble killings have taken place in Missouri and Kansas within 200 miles of each other; the Kilgore, Texas massacre, which happened in 1983, also took place in this fringe area of the Bible Belt. This region lacks the general racial and social structure of the Deep South and the southern states generally, and, because of this lack of structure, the people are, therefore, lacking in identity to such an extent that they have a tendency to rely more heavily on their Christian faith for their identity.


The people on the east and west coasts, on the other hand, where the population is much more dense and racially and ethnically quite diverse, are very much taken up in dealing with one another, often in contentious situations, so that their identity is constantly being reinforced in their dealings with one another. They develop a sense of, what has been described, tongue in cheek, as healthy skepticism, due to the fact that other people are constantly trying to take advantage of them. This is not so in the region we are discussing. The population is sparse and, by and large, quite homogeneous. Clinton, Missouri is, for example, 95.5% White. Henry County, of which the town of Clinton (where the Womble murder took place) is the county seat, and is 96.6% White. And most of these whites are of northern European extraction. This means that life in this region is quite tranquil and stabile, and, as already mentioned, the people develop to be very trusting, and unsuspecting, and they are also, unfortunately, often docile and naive. It is then no wonder that such people become the targets of aggressive, impulsive, young Black or Hispanic males, who see them as easy prey.


These people live on the edge of the geographical divide between the Mississippi River and the vast expanses that lead up to the Rocky Mountains. This region can be roughly compared to the historical region in Europe between Prussia and Russia, that was referred to as the "Pale," which was created by the Russian Monarch, Catherine the Great in 1791. The Pale existed officially until 1917. The Pale was an area that was amorphous and hard to govern and police; it was made up mostly of small and medium-sized towns. It was here that gypsies and vagabond tribes flourished, and from here they were able to gradually move into the heart of Europe. In such areas the people don't have much of a national identity and they therefore resort to religion to fill this vacuum.


The Pale was populated mostly by Russian and other Slavic peasants, who were known to be either strongly Russian Orthodox Christian or Catholic by faith. And, as most peasants tend to be, they were very simple, trusting and friendly people. These native people were constantly being put upon and taken advantage of by the gypsies and vagabond tribes that settled among them. This is somewhat similar to what is now taking place in the amorphous Bible Belt area we are now discussing. When aggressive Black males move into this region, or when they have grown into adolescence in this region, they sense that the people are vulnerable, and the Black (and Hispanic) males instinctively attempt to take advantage of them.


Judging by this emerging pattern, we are convinced that more killings of this type can be expected in this western fringe-area of the Bible Belt. It is for this reason that we are issuing a special alert to the people of this area to be on guard against strangers, and, unfortunately, we must put the emphasis on non-White strangers, since it is they who have demonstrated a tendency to attack people, and in particular, to commit terrorist (both random and specific) hate crimes against White people.


There is much more to be said about the trusting, unsuspecting and gullible aspects of people's personalities that often make them the targeted-victims of predators. The five young people in the Wichita Massacre case had these personality traits. Robert Osborn (story posted on this website), from his photos, looks like a very easy-going and trusting person. He was trusting enough to be riding his bicycle home from work with his headsets on, most likely listening to music, not paying much attention to what was going on around him. Meanwhile, he was being stalked and fired at by predators with a shotgun. Robert's family members also seem to be very trusting, forgiving, and easy-going people. And, of course, Damon Womble's parents are very religious and forgiving people, and we have to assume that Damon was the same way; his photo reflects this conclusion.


Other common aspects of these three cases are that the Christian faith played a substantial role in the lives of all the victims, but this is probably true of the majority of the population in this area of the country. As alluded to above, it is also very noteworthy that these three cases are geographically so close together: Clinton, Missouri, where Damon Womble was just killed in a home invasion, is only 200 miles from Wichita, Kansas, as the crow flies, and Clinton is only about 50 miles from Kansas City, Missouri, where Robert Osborn was ambushed. Wichita, Kansas and Kansas City, Mo, are only 190 miles apart. Another common factor is that none of the aforementioned victims in these three cases was married. They were mostly young, trusting, unsuspecting, even docile people, who were all steeped in the Christian faith. When such individuals come into contact with aggressive, impulsive, young Black males, the results can be fatal.


It is for these reasons that we are now issuing an alert for the states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and northeast Texas, for the population to be on guard against strangers, especially those who are non-White. And here, again, we have to emphasize the Black and Hispanic male population. We would also, again, like to urge our members to contact the prosecuting attorney's office in Henry County, Missouri, to inquire how it is that they are only charging Joshua Rudolph with second-degree murder. We cannot afford to let our guard down and to be lenient with terrorist killers. If the answer to our safety is instituting capital punishment across the country and building bigger and better prisons, then that is what we must do.


One other aspect of this situation that must be taken into consideration is that the prosecutor, Richard M. Shields, was also born and raised in this area, and that he likely has a personality not unlike most of the people in the general region. That is, although he is a prosecutor, he may nevertheless have a trusting, unsuspecting, and even docile personality. Just as the people of this region generally, he may want to be forgiving and not be too hard on Joshua Rudolph. After all, Joshua is only 19 years old and it would be a shame to ruin such a young man's life, Mr. Shields may well think. The problem with this type of an orientation is that Mr. Shields would hereby be doing a disservice to the whole of the White population in America. And, he would be doing a disservice to the Black community as well, because he is hereby sending the message that Blacks can kill White people and get off with 15 years in prison.


Other Black males will hear about this and think that they can do the same thing and only receive 15 years prison time. The disservice to the Black community is that Black males would be led to believe that, rather than being responsible, they can lead a life of crime and even kill people, and the consequences would not be that severe. By not enforcing the laws of America, Mr. Shields would not be doing anything to stop the wanton acts of violence and terror that are being perpetrated against White Americans. It is high time to set an example and to send a clear message that murder will not be tolerated. This is certainly reason enough for us to ask Mr. Shields to reconsider his charge of second-degree murder.


The social environment in the USA is continually changing and we have to be constantly vigilant to remain aware of these changes so that we can take the necessary measures and precautions which will insure our survival and the future survival of our children. And, finally, do not forget to contact us or another White rights' organization if a serious crime against White people happens in your area. Please remember to be aware of your surroundings and to keep your doors locked. During these trying times, we must take every precaution to provide for our own and our family's security.


Yours Faithfully, Liberty

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