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- Jennifer Ross Was a Savannah, Georgia, Debutante ! -

Jennifer Ross - Age 19

- High Society Savannah Debutante Gunned Down !! -

- White Elite Establishment Takes Stand Against Black Crime !! -

- The Three Black Males are Still At large !! -


The Victim: Debutante Jennifer Ross

Jennifer Ross was shot in the back by a Black thug on December 24, 2005, at 3:00 a.m. She had been presented at the elite, Savannah Cotillion Club as a debutante on Friday evening by her escort, Brett Findley, 19. Jennifer left the Cotillion Club with Mr. Findley and friends after the Christmas debutante ball. As they were walking to their car, they crossed Orleans Square, and at the corner of Barnard and Perry Streets on Savannah's west side, they were approached by three Black youth.


One of the Black youth hit her escort, Brett Findley, in the head with a pistol and demanded his wallet. Another Black youth tried to take Ms. Ross' purse. There was a struggle and some shots were fired. One bullet struck Jennifer in her lower back. She was taken to Memorial Health University Medical Center where she underwent several surgeries. She died on Sunday, January 1, 2006, nine days after the incident. Jennifer's father, Rusty Ross, is the senior vice president and general counsel for Memorial Health University Medical Center, where his daughter died.


One of the victims and other witnesses described the suspects as three black males wearing dark clothing, with hoods over their heads. Their physical descriptions varied in heights ranging from five-feet nine-inches to six feet. Jennifer was a sophomore at Mercer University. She was a graduate of Savannah Country Day School. Jennifer Ross' godmother, Helen Stone, is a Chatham County Commissioner for District 1; Savannah is the county seat of Chatham County.



Black Vs. White

 Confrontation in Savannah, Georgia

Some of the Key Players

Dr. Otis Samuel Johnson

Mayor of Savannah

Since January, 2004

David Simons

Member of the Board of Directors of the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce.


Willie C. Lovett


 Metropolitan Police

Interim Chief

Helen Stone

Chatham County Commissioner District 1

 Jennifer Ross' Godmother


Van R. Johnson II

Savannah City Council

District 1

Dean Kicklighter

Chatham County Commissioner

District 7

Clifton Jones, Jr.

Savannah City Council

District 5

Kenneth Sadler

Savannah City Council

District 4


January 5, 2006 Update

Finally: The White People of the Savannah metro-Area are taking a Stand against Black Crime in Savannah !!

Savannah Mayor, Dr. Otis Johnson, Threatens White Community


What is it that has finally forced the hand of a White community to stand up against Black crime and violence? The answer: a beautiful, young, intelligent White debutante, of the elite social establishment of the Savannah, Georgia Metro-area, was gunned down in cold blood only hours after she had made her debut at the exclusive Savannah Christmas Cotillion, a formal debutante ball, hosted by the elite Savannah Cotillion Club.


Almost all of the victims that we have posted on this website have been largely ignored by the news media and forgotten by all but their friends and relatives, but it looks as though there is a possibility that Ms. Jennifer Ross will be an exception to that pattern. Perhaps this strong reaction on the part of the White community to this horrendous crime will set an example for not just the friends and relatives of future White victims of Black crime, but for all of White America, so that White America will stand up and say that we have had enough. Now, let me elaborate on some of the details of what has transpired since Jennifer Ross' shooting and ultimate death, and how this crime has developed into a long-overdue confrontation between the White and Black communities in Savannah, Georgia.


At an emergency forum on Tuesday, January 3, 2006, in the Savannah Desoto Hilton Atrium, in the wake of Jennifer Ross' murder over Christmas, 175 people gathered to discuss "Black crime in Savannah." The forum, called "Take Back Savannah," clearly demonstrated what everyone is already aware of: that Savannah is overrun by crime and violence, and that the Savannah metro-area is clearly divided along racial lines. The Black mayor, Dr. Otis Johnson, and the racially deadlocked City Council (4 Black & 4 White Councilmen), all of whom attended the forum, have been ineffective in dealing with Black crime. I refer to it as Black crime, because the overwhelming majority of the crime committed in Savannah is committed by Blacks.


The mayor, Otis Johnson, also recognizes this [You would have to be blind not to.] "In April 2005, Mayor Johnson publicly challenged Savannah's African American community to begin a concerted effort to address the city's high crime rate, especially in predominantly black neighborhoods of the city. Johnson stressed that criminal acts in Savannah were often perpetrated by young African American males on their own community, and he called a series of well-attended town meetings to address the problem." Despite these well-attended town meetings, however, it doesn't appear as though the present administration has been very effective in implementing any of their plans to fight Black crime.


As long as the Black community commits the majority of violent crimes against other Blacks, the White community only winces and shudders, and avoids going into Savannah whenever possible. As political consultant David Simons put is last week, "People generally don't care as much when "crack heads" shoot each other." But when the Blacks start killing Whites, especially young and innocent Whites of social and political standing,* the local White establishment not only becomes upset, but they also rally their forces and confront the Black community. And that is exactly what is happening right now in Savannah, Georgia.


One can say that it was only a matter of time before someone of prominence from the White community was murdered by Black thugs, which would act as a catalyst for the White community to rally its forces and take a stand against Black crime. The killing of debutante Jennifer Ross has caused just such a reaction - this murder has served as the straw that broke the camel's back. The White community has had it, not just with Black crime, but also with Black delusion, Black denial, and Black incompetence. The White establishment in the Savannah, Georgia metro-area, is ready to take a stand against the Black majority in Savannah, and, it is possible that this could set a precedent for the rest of the country.


The White establishment has begun its attack very methodically on the most fundamental level: they firstly want the Black community (not just the mayor) to admit that there is a Black-crime problem. White communities throughout America have consistently had a difficult time getting the Black community to admit that there is a problem with Black crime. In light of this reality, the newly-formed, community task force, "Save Our Savannah," began its list of recommendations to the Black community with a very elementary proposition: "Admitting to a crime problem." This is, of course, the first step in solving any problem, and it is the first hurdle that has to be overcome by people with addictions, such as alcoholics, drug abusers, and gambling addicts.


The White community has finally been moved to the point that they have found the courage to sit down with the Black community and look them in the eye and say: Admit that you have a crime problem. You, the Black community, have a problem with crime and the first step to solving this problem is to admit that it exists. You cannot go on like this, because you are not only bringing yourself down, but you are bringing the rest of us down with you.


If you refuse to admit that you have a problem, you are in a state of denial. Denial is defined as "...a defense mechanism in which a person unconsciously rejects ... external realities that they would not be able to deal with if they got into the conscious mind." The "external reality" in this case is that Blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime. The Black community, generally speaking, does not want to admit to this "external reality," because it would single them out from all of the other racial and ethnic groups in America, as being anti-social or even uncivilized. This would put the focus on the Black community, and the Blacks, and their apologists, don't want that.


For this reason, the Black community unconsciously rejects the fact that Blacks commit a lot of crime. Such an admission would, of course, have far-reaching implications for the status of Blacks in the American society. It would mean that the police are justified in "racial profiling," i.e., if Blacks are the most criminal group, then the police are justified in watching them more closely. The way things are now, if a Black is stopped in his vehicle for questioning, because there has been a rape or a robbery in the area and the perpetrator was a Black, the Blacks scream racism and call it an arrest for "DWB" - "Driving while Black." This ridiculous tactic is used to intimidate the police and to get them to back down, but, at the same time, it also serves to give Black criminals more freedom.


Some would argue that the Blacks' rejection of the "external reality" of Black crime is not unconscious denial, but a conscious rejection, based partly on ignorance of the facts and partly on an intuitive survival strategy. According to this argument, the Blacks are fully aware that they commit more crime than other groups, and they are also aware that if they admit to this, it would justify racial profiling and other measures to monitor them more closely. Such measures would have the effect of curbing their criminal activities, which would limit their sources of income. Such conscious rejection (Perhaps lying is a better word.) could be described as being anti-social and devious, and some psychologists would describe it as delusional.


According to Webster's Dictionary of the American English language, to be delusional means to have a false, persistent belief not substantiated by sensory evidence - in other words, to believe something that is simply not true. In this case, Blacks simply refuse to believe that they commit a lot of crime. Blacks are delusional in this regard, not just because of being ignorant of the facts, but also because of an innate instinct to protect themselves - it is a survival strategy. The Black community probably has many other false and persistent beliefs, among them that Whites are committing (proportionally) as much crime as Blacks. (An excellent example of Black delusional thinking is the false belief, shared by many Blacks, that the HIV-AIDS virus is a plot on the part of the White community to exterminate Blacks.)


It is now up to the White community to expose the delusions, denial and incompetence of the Black community in order to protect its own kind, i.e., the White people of the Savannah Metro-area. It would serve White people all across America well, to closely observe this case as it unfolds, because, this time, I don't think that the White community in Savannah is going to back down. Despite what the mayor says and what statistics purport to show, the people of Savannah are convinced that crime is getting worse, and if the White community doesn't gain the upper hand, the situation could easily deteriorate into a state of anarchy not dissimilar to what we saw happen in New Orleans during and after hurricane Katrina and also recently in Haiti. If anyone is not convinced that Black crime in Savannah is out of control, pleases read this article about a motor scooter store that was burglarized twice in one day and nine times in the last two years.


"Save Our Savannah" Group member and County Commissioner Helen Stone, who is Jennifer Ross' godmother, also requested creating a media action plan by working with local news outlets to develop and report on "meaningful" crime statistics. The language here is veiled, since political-correctness strictures prohibit Helen Stone from speaking clearly. However, I would interpret this to mean that the media should inform the public on a regular basis about how many crimes are being committed and the race of the perpetrators. In other words: no media blackouts when Blacks commit crimes. This is a point that we at this website have repeatedly made.


The very fact that this White ad hoc committee has made these fundamental recommendations indicates that they are very much aware of the fact that the Black community and the news media are not being forthright when it comes to Black crime. Blacks have a completely different perception of the extent and significance of Black crime. And, as long as this is true, the Black community cannot be counted on for cooperation in fighting Black crime.


Mayor Otis Johnson addressed the "Take Back Savannah" forum in a stern and measured voice; he said he was there to listen. I think that he should get used to listening, because the White people of the Savannah Metro-area have a lot to say. He said the city would reveal what it has been doing, as well as its plan for the future, at the January, 25th Town Hall Meeting. Mayor Johnson said: "All we can do is tell you that we [the mayor's office] take this issue very seriously now, we have taken this issue seriously from day one, we took it seriously during the campaign," he said. "I hope this will maintain itself, and six months from now you will be as energized and committed to fighting crime as you are tonight." But later, the mayor had more to say.


At a private, in-town retreat for the Mayor and the Savannah City Council, the mayor openly spoke his mind. In reference to the statement made by political consultant David Simons last week, in which Simons said people generally don't care as much when "crack heads" shoot each other, mayor Johnson had this to say: "We've got people making statements that are not being received well by the black community. If this crap continues, they are going to see an Otis Johnson that is negative, they are going to see someone they haven't seen since the 1970s." This open threat toward the White community is typical Black aggressive intimidation.

Well, we have had it with Black threats and intimidation - either the Blacks admit that there is a Black-crime problem and earnestly start doing something about it, or we, the White people of this country, will. The Blacks have demonstrated that they are clearly not capable of controlling Black crime. As far as Savannah, Georgia is concerned: I think that it is high time that the White community in Chatham County and the State of Georgia take over control of Savannah. It is the only hope for a stable future in that region.

Please check back later for more information on this situation as it unfolds.

Yours Faithfully, Liberty

* Jennifer's father, Rusty Ross, is the senior vice president and general counsel for Memorial Health University Medical Center, and Jennifer's godmother, Helen Stone, is a Chatham County commissioner.



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Savannah, Georgia Mayor

Dr. Otis Johnson

"We've got people making statements that are not being received well by the black community. If this crap continues, they are going to see an Otis Johnson that is negative, they are going to see someone they haven't seen since the 1970s."

Will the White community of Savannah tolerate such threats from an upstart Mayor?

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